Back at the Mission House, where they took part in the four month formation program in 2013, Mission Doctor and Lay Mission-Helper families have come together this week to connect, to share, and to pray.  These returned missionaries have served in Africa and Latin America and this re-entry workshop provides the opportunity to reflect on … Continue reading “Re-entry”

World Hepatitis Day

There are many medical problems which present dramatically. Think of broken legs, of the various types of infections, etc.   Often, the tests and x-rays done just confirm what both patient and physician already knew. Other diseases can affect a person quietly and progressively, such as occurs in certain forms of chronic hepatitis. This can potentially … Continue reading “World Hepatitis Day”


“Peace firstly means there are no wars … but it also means that there is friendship between all that every day a step ahead is made for justice, so that there are no more children who are hungry, that there are no more sick children who do not have the possibility of receiving healthcare. Doing … Continue reading “Peace”

It is a Calling

Being a doctor is a calling.  For Catholic Doctors this calling is also a reflection of their faith. While the challenges of being a doctor are known to many, they include; many years of education; often followed by large debt;  followed by long hours in a residency program; and then seeking a way to utilize … Continue reading “It is a Calling”


For many people Pentecost is one of those ecclesial celebrations which seems odd. Okay, we know from the Acts of the Apostles that Pentecost reminds us of the Church’s beginnings with a small group, praying and in fear of Jewish officials. Yes, we also have heard Pentecost referred to as the ‘birthday of the Church’. … Continue reading “Pentecost”