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A Day of Remembrance

January 14, 2023, is the 59th anniversary of the passing of the founder of Mission Doctors and Lay Mission-Helpers Associations, Msgr. Anthony Brouwers.

This day gives us the opportunity to not only recognize Msgr. Brouwers but also his entire life and the legacies he has left behind. This day of remembrance gives us pause to consider how we continue the ground-breaking work he began after his visit to Nigeria in 1954 as the Los Angeles.

For those of us who are or have served – as well as all who provide the critical support necessary to make this service possible – we can do so because Msgr. Brouwers truly listened.

He listened to the requests he heard from Bishops and Religious asking for Lay Catholics who could serve to share their gifts and live their faith. Then he responded by founding what are the first lay Catholic missionary organizations in the United States. The idea was not met with universal acceptance, and many in leadership in the Church at that time did not believe this was the role of lay people, being before Vatican II, even before Peace Corps, or Doctors Without Borders.

Yet he was not discouraged. He kept moving forward.

This legacy of listening, responding, and moving forward in the face of things that may be discouraging is part of what we strive to do every day at Mission Doctors.

We listen to the requests from Bishops and Religious requesting Doctors, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners, and we listen to the medical professionals about how we can make their service possible.

We respond to the Bishops and hospitals as well as the medical professionals by learning more about their needs and helping prepare those called to serve with a formation program and Retreat / Seminar

We move forward despite challenges because the need is still there, doctors still come forward to serve, and many committed individuals continue to provide critical financial support to make the work possible.

Thank you for joining us in this day of remembering.

If you have not had the opportunity to read the book on the life of Msgr. Brouwers, it is available here as an ebook, that we are making available for only .99 cents right now.

Msgr. Anthony Brouwers after his multiple myeloma diagnosis.

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