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Msgr. Terry and celebrating with all of you!

Msgr. Terrence Fleming, known to many as Msgr. Terry will be honored with the 2021 Msgr. Anthony Brouwers Award for faith and service during our virtual ‘Heart for the World’ Gala, February 19, 2022.

As so many of you know, this award is named for our founder Msgr. Anthony Brouwers.  Msgr. Brouwers held the same role in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, that of the Director of the Propagation of the Faith.

However, that is just a portion of the Msgr. Fleming legacy of service and outreach. Beyond leading the Mission Office, Msgr. also founded the Adopt A Family program serving families in the downtown and skid row area of Los Angeles.

Monsignor Fleming has been a Pastor, now emeritus, at St. Brendan’s Catholic Church in Los Angeles and has worked as a high school teacher, an Army Reserve Chaplain, professor, and administrator at St. John’s Seminary, and in 1987 he was the coordinator of the Papal Visit in Los Angeles.

Both a Knight of the Holy Sepulcher and Chaplain of the Knights of Malta, Msgr. Fleming has made several trips to Lourdes on their yearly pilgrimages.

Additionally, he has coordinated trips to the Holy Land for groups of Archdiocesan priests for over 15 years while serving as Vice-Chancellor and Vicar General and has also led lay men and women on these trips.

Msgr. has been chosen, especially for this year’s award because of the tremendous support he has provided Mission Doctors Association and so many other mission organizations and dioceses around the world.

During the COVID crisis Msgr. has directed the Mission Office to support the funding for critical medical staffing in rural Cameroon, supporting the work of the Franciscan Sisters.  Mission Doctors Association has worked with this group of dedicated women for more than 30 years and with this support, we have been able to continue to do so again this year.

We look forward to honoring Msgr. Terry and celebrating with all of you!

Elise Frederick

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