Dr. Jaime Perea

I just want to tell you how thankful I am for my short-serving in Cameroon. The people of this African country are very humble, poor and grateful; and especially people of faith.

As you know, I went to work in St. Padre Pio Hospital in Douala, taken the place of the OB-GYN doctor of the Hospital; for a month that he took for vacation.

The Franciscan Sisters are in charge of this very busy hospital, especially in Obstetrics; these nuns are hard working, responsible, nice and faithful sisters. They were very helpful to me in the operating room, as well as with the patients in the office, translating France to English (eighty percent of the people in Cameroon speak only French).

I was very busy in GYN consultations for four days of every week, and for the rest of the week, I was doing ultrasounds; and in between, I was performing operations, mainly C-Sections. Three very nice native doctors sent me consultations and were very helpful in the hospital.

I have really enjoyed my work at St. Padre Pio Hospital because of the great help that the Sisters and the hospital personnel had given to me both spiritually and professionally.

I am sending pictures of the first babies that I delivered by C-Sections.


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