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January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter
From the Desk of Elise…

As another year begins, we close the door on a year that has presented so many challenges for so many who have been impacted by natural disasters, record breaking storms in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the devastating fires in California.

Yet, each time there is tragedy, we also see the best in human nature as people make sacrifices to be ‘helpers’. I am often reminded of the quote from Mr. Rodgers after 9/11 when he told parents to remind their children to “look for the helpers’ something his own mother had told him.”

It is the same with Mission Doctors. When we hear about the medical needs of our sisters and brothers, we can become overwhelmed with the need– or we can look to the helpers, the doctors who step aside from their practice at home to care for men, women and children who have such a great need for medical care.

So as 2018 begins, let’s think of ways we can all be helpers. Some of you will join us in serving and others will make that service possible. Please read the story of one very special helper (the mother of Mission Doctor Marcia Smith-Bourain) Jane Smith, whose legacy of compassion has gone on to help, even after her passing.

May 2018 be a year of blessing for each of you and your families.

Elise Frederick
Executive Director
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Miracles come in all forms. For our Mission Doctors serving in rural Uganda, East Africa, miracles can come in little bottles and large life-saving machines.

Little Bruno, a six year old that Dr. Lou Coda had previously seen, was suffering from constipation, and his discomfort was so severe that his mother did not even bring him to the hospital. Because of your support, Mission Doctor Lou Coda was there and immediately handed Bruno’s mom a giant bottle of MiraLAX. A simple over the counter medication here in the United States brought healing to a young child in need, and a smile to his mother’s face.

Some miracles are as simple as a doctor remembering to bring along a bottle of laxatives, and other miracles like the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes require the love and sharing of many people.

Over several months last summer, family and friends of Mission Doctor Lou Coda started a fundraising campaign for the big machine kind of miracle.
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Throughout her long life, Jane Smith touched many lives.  Today, although it is several years since her passing, Jane continues to make a difference. This time the difference is in the lives of thousands of our sisters and brothers around the world.

A Stanford graduate of the class of ‘43 and an extensive traveler, Jane was a lover of history, bridge, travel, and gardening. She was a brilliant and kind woman, and had a large loving family. Jane’s daughter Marcia and her family introduced Jane to MDA, having served short term in Uganda and Guatemala.

On a visit to her home in Santa Barbara, Jane told our Executive Director Elise Frederick that she wanted to leave a gift to support an organization where it would really make a difference.
Read more here.
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