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God is Good...All the Time

I don’t know what it is.  It could be with our mission coming to a close, my eyes are open wider, not wanting to miss anything.  It surely seems that each and every day another miracle is just there—to be seen, to be shared, and to be savored for the gift it is.

I haven’t told you about Romaric.  I was a bit of a doubting Thomas and I was sure that he couldn’t survive.  And then I remember…God is good…All the time!

Romaric is a little six year old boy.  He was brought in after five days of a very high fever.  His little body was rigidly held in the shape of a lightning bolt.  His neck was arched.  He only responded to the pain when Jim tried to move his head.

We did a spinal tap immediately.  When Jim and Dymphyna, the medical student saw the pus coming out of his spinal column, they both paused.  They knew that the lab results were not going to be good.  And they were correct.  Romaric had bacterial meningitis.  He was a very sick little boy.

Of course, there were other lab tests that also needed to be done.  Hopefully they would come out normal and the little guy would have a fighting chance.  That was not to be the case.  It seemed that test results just came one bad result after another.  In addition, to the meningitis, his malaria test was positive.  Then he was diagnosed with sickle cell.

So poor Romaric had meningitis, malaria, sickle cell crisis, and oh yes, he was severely anemic.  His hemoglobin was only 4.3.  With an assessment list like that, clearly the odds were against Romaric.

It has now been eight days.  Each day he has seemed slightly better.  

Really the only noticeable change until a couple of days ago was that he seemed to be in less pain.

And then today, we walked into the pediatric ward to see Romaric standing at the side of his bed eating a puff-puff.  




So Miraculous!


All the time…God is good!

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