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Examples of Faith

“But strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”   

Matthew 6:33


I wanted to share a couple patient stories from these first 5 weeks we’ve been in Honduras. I am grateful for the ways God has encouraged me through the words and faith of our patients.


Sal y Luz Clinic: Two days a week, Brian and I volunteer with other missionaries in a clinic setting. I got to meet one older patient who has 20 children! She shared that she wakes up early every morning to pray, and she enjoys going to church and spending a holy hour in prayer on her knees. She seemed to radiate with joy as she talked about her relationship with God, and her example of faith was a blessing to me.


San Benito Jose Medical Center: On other days, we help with the community outreach program at San Benito Jose, doing home visits for those who live in mountain communities. Many who we see are elderly and/or disabled. One man that Brian treated for a respiratory illness and hip pain was a “delegate” for his church. Since many small, rural parishes only get a priest to say mass once a month, they rely on community leaders. One told us as we left, “Thank you for coming to me. Your being here with me also reminds me that God is here with me. Thank you.” He was another example of strong faith.


We’ve been bringing our kids with us on home visits one day a week. We hope that meeting people who live differently than they do will make them better humans.

Some of you have asked about ways to support us. We are supported by Mission Doctors Association, and you can make a donation on their website and designate it for our mission.


And finally- we found out the baby is a boy!  


Thanks for your prayers for our family and the work God is doing in Honduras.



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