Join us in Praying

This May, as we Catholics share in devotions to the Blessed Mother, we are inviting you and your families to join us at Mission Doctors Association in praying for our sisters and brothers in need of healthcare.

The World Health Organization states that nearly 400 million people around the world do not have access to essential health services, and sadly, some 6.6 million children under the age of 5 die each year.

Almost all of these children’s lives could be saved if they had access to simple and affordable care.

“May our prayers to the Mother of God
see us united in an incessant plea that every member
of the Church may live with love the
vocation to serve life and health.”
Pope Francis

Since 1959, MDA has followed Christ’s call to heal the sick by providing lifesaving direct patient care and training for local professionals, striving toward the goal of sustainable health care.

The service of Mission Doctors would not be possible without your prayerful support. Your partnership allows us to respond to the needs of mission hospitals and clinics in Africa and Latin America.

Help us fill this month with prayers. Please join us this May in praying the rosary for the sick around the world, for our sisters and brothers like Sandrine.