October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter

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Healthy Babies in Cameroon Because of You

Lynn Powe recently returned from a short-term service with Mission Doctors in rural Cameroon, West Africa. One of her tasks was to help with vaccinations, including recording them in the UNICEF Vaccination Record Book. Each child has a health record and is assigned a number. She quickly saw first-hand how different the recording process for vaccinations is in Cameroon than in the United States – children are generally not given a name for their first month of life, and their address is often much more specific than in the US. She was encouraged by the number of children who came to be vaccinated, as Lynn told us “It was packed!”

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There is Good News Around the World

You are a change maker. You are making a difference in this world. Mission Doctors Association is on the ground in Africa and Latin America providing lifesaving medical care and training for local health care professionals. We could not do this work without you!

In 2000, the United Nations established eight international development goals regarding poverty, health and education. In 2015, the success of these goals was evaluated and because of people like you and our Mission Doctors, the good news is that there have been dramatic improvements.

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