Give Health

400 million people around the world do not have access to essential health services.1

That is more than the entire population of the United States.

Millions of people living in rural Africa and Latin America travel for hours, even days, to arrive at a hospital or clinic, often to find an understaffed facility. Many locations lack the necessary doctors to provide even basic care.

Your donation to support the lifesaving work of Mission Doctors is doubled now until October 1. 


How do we bring lifesaving medical care to the world?

Sustainable healthcare is always the long-term goal for Mission Doctors. We partner with local facilities, Catholic Bishops, Priests, Religious Sisters and Brothers to provide direct patient care and training for local health professionals

In 1959, Mission Doctors began working in East Africa. Since then MDA has made it possible for doctors to serve in hospitals in East and West Africa, the Pacific, in refugee camps in Thailand, and in hospitals and clinics in Central and South America.  Learn More

Today, thousands of patients are waiting for a Mission Doctor.

Your help is needed by October 1st to help MDA care for an additional 15,000 patients around the world. 15,000 more mothers, fathers and children.

Your gift to Mission Doctors is the gift of health, providing compassionate care and training for local medical professionals.


1. World Health Organization
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