What is the purpose of Mission Doctors Association?

Mission Doctors Association strives to meet the health needs of men, women and children of all faiths around the world.  Catholic Doctors provide care for illness and injuries that often go untreated due to the shortage of trained professionals.  In serving their are living their own faith.

How do mission doctors make a difference?

Consider these statistics:

  • In Tanzania, there will be 11 million cases of malaria this year, resulting in 40,000 deaths;
  • In Uganda, there are over 1,200,000 AIDS orphans;
  • In Cameroon, women face a maternal death risk of 1 in 24.
  • In most places MDA serves there is less than one doctor for every 10,000 people. By contrast in the United States the average is one for every 450.

By using their professional skills and expertise in these countries, Mission Doctors strive to alleviate suffering, and offer a higher quality of life and longer life span to their patients.

How long are the service opportunities?

MDA provides both long-term (three-year) and short-term (one–three month) service programs for Catholic doctors and their families.

Where are mission doctors serving?

Today doctors and their families are serving in Peru, Tanzania, Ecuador, Cameroon and Uganda. MDA has previously served throughout Africa, Papua New Guinea, Thailand and other countries in Latin America.

How does MDA determine which countries to serve in?

Mission doctors serve at the invitation of local Catholic bishops. The needs in our partner hospitals help formulate where our doctors serve. It is our goal to support Mission Doctors at locations where the political climate is stable and where the hospital or clinic can utilize the talents of our doctors, and which are also able to provide relative security and safety.

How do MDA doctors help?

Both the long and short-term Mission Doctors provide direct patient care and provide training local health professionals.

Do you only serve Catholic patients?

No. Mission doctors provide care for people of all faiths without discrimination.

What is the role of physicians in proselytizing?

Mission doctors and their families are not involved in direct proselytizing. Providing their professional skills and living with the community they have come to serve is the witness to their faith.

How can I contribute? Is my gift tax deductible?

All gifts to Mission Doctors Association are tax deductible. Gifts can be made on our website, called into the office or sent to the following address:
Mission Doctors Association

3435 Wilshire Blvd., #1940
Los Angeles, CA 90010


Mission Doctors Association’s federal tax identification number is 95-6110132, and the name on record with the IRS is Mission Doctors Association.  For additional information for those considering a planned gift, contact the office.

How do I get more information or contact the organization?

Mission Doctors Association will be happy to provide additional information about the organization. Please contact our office at (213) 368-1872 or info@missiondoctors.org.